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Why I Love and Use Zondle in the Classroom

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” By Michael Jordan

Recently when presenting about some of my favorite sites I use in the classroom (Zondle being one of them), someone asked, ‘Which site would you suggest to start using first in the classroom.’ Without thinking twice I said Zondle.

I was introduced to Zondle thought a Twitter chat. After the chat I went to the site and the first thing I noticed that got me really excited was that it said, ‘Zondle is FREE ,and always will be!’ That is music to any teachers ears, so I decide to create an account and see what it was all about. Below are the top reasons why I love using Zondle in the classroom!

1. You can create your own content which is what they call topics and match it to anyone of their games! They have tons of games to choose from. I have created topics for all subject areas such as math and science and for all grade levels, K-5. You can make the questions multiple choice, true or false, question and answer. I use the quick insert, this is where you have flexibility to add as many questions to the topic as you want verse doing one at a time. With that being said, you can make as many questions as you want as well! Make 5, 10, 50…it is up to you!  When you think the students are tired of the game, then you can just switch the game but not the topic’s content! Creating your own topic/content is a great way to differentiate in your classroom as well. You make the content based on their needs.

2. Many content topics are already created. You can easily search the topic and review the content. If you like the questions then you can use that topics. If you want to edit it, you can, and make the content fit your needs. Just like when you created a topic match it up to a game and you are done. You can become ‘friends’ with other teachers in your school or around the world and see what topics they have created and  use their already created topics and games.

3. You can embed into your website or wiki. Once you have created or chosen a game. Click on embed into my website and it will give you the widget code for you to embed. Yes, it is that easy!

4. You can progress monitor your students two ways. One way is if you have embedded the game into your website then you can have the students record their progress on a progress monitoring sheet. After each game you complete, a percentage comes up such as 85%. Have the students record their data. You can also contact Zondle (Dougie) and he will help you set up your school and classroom so you can progress monitor through their site as well.

5. Once you have created a class the students can go into Zondle using their username and password and play the games you have created at school or at home. You can assign the games for homework and see who completed it or not based on the progress monitoring system and leader boards.

6. It is easy to use and if you get stuck there are video tutorials that walk you though how to do something. Usually at the top of the page but all tutorials can be found at the bottom of their site as well. They also have a help section and they respond in a very timely matter (one time it was within minutes) to all of your questions and comments. Zondle is always improving their site by listening to what teachers and students wants are.

7.  Zondle has now created an App! With Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) coming to must classrooms, this is a great feature to have as the app works for most devices from iPads, Androids to laptops.

8. The students love it! Who wouldn’t rather play a game of 10 questions verse  a worksheet!

9. You can adapt Zondle to fit any language. One thing to keep in mind is Zondle originates from the UK so some words to Americans might be spelled different or terms used differently such as favourite (favorite). This is a great way to teach students about global awareness.

10. You can create your own games. I haven’t created my own game yet but that is in the works and is a great feature!

Many of the teachers in my school use Zondle and love it as much as I do. If you haven’t tried Zondle I highly recommend you do!

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