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Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.” by Heidi-Hayes Jacobs

This past week I was lucky enough to attend North Carolina’s Department of Instruction (DPI) Conference. I attended the instructional technology breakout sessions. All the sessions were great and I learned some new resources that I can share with my school. One new thing I learned that I thought was most important was called TPACK. It stands for Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge, (Mishra & Foehler, 2006) and it is an educational framework used to design classroom instruction that connects Technology, Content Knowledge, and Pedagogy -TPACK.

Content knowledge and pedagogy is what teachers strive for in the classroom all the time but now we are adding technology to this concept to create 21st century learning environment. With this being said, classroom lessons should seamlessly be adding technology to the classroom and what they have already been teaching. Here is a diagram that was shown to us that helped me make the connection better visually.  TPACK as a Triple Venn diagram:

As a classroom teacher, this diagram makes sense to me. I can use this concept/framework as I plan my lessons, as it shows how technology can enhance the classroom in any subject without teaching technology lessons per say. I should be able to teach my content and infuse the technology. If I learned anything from this session it is that content is most important piece.

So how do I implement TPACK into my classroom you might ask? Start simple. Using this diagram as a framework for your lessons, start by breaking it down; ask yourself what content do I want my students to understand? For example:

Content Knowledge: (What we teach)  Geometry- I want my students to understand that all triangles are 180 degrees and that to find a missing angle in a triangle, I need to add up the angles that are given to me and subtract from 180, to find the third angle.

Pedagogy: (How we teach-delivery of content ) I have the students draw any type of triangle (right, cause, obtuse) on a piece of paper and cut it out. The students then label each angle #1, #2 and #3. I then have the students color each angle a different color to help them see visually as well. The students then tear apart the triangle where the three colors come together in the middle of the triangle. The students how have three pieces, each with a numbered angle to put along a 180 degree line, to show that all triangles are 180 degrees. From here I give examples of triangles with a missing angle and how we find it.

Technology:  To add in technology, I could have the students create a ShowMe, Edu-creation or paper slide show on how to solve for a missing angle in a triangle and explain how they know. I could also have the students create a ‘how to’ solve for a missing angle in a triangle by having the students create a edu.glogster, Prezi or using the pic collage app demonstrating their content knowledge.

Another example can be mapping in any subject…..

Content: Ecosystems- The students can collaborate together to show what they know about a concept in the beginning of a unit, such as ecosystems. In the middle to the lesson they can then collaborate again putting together what they have learned so far, connection previous concepts. At the end of the unit, the students work together to add what they now know at the end of the unit. This also shows the progress of the students learning along with becoming a study guide of connected concepts for assessment.

Pedagogy: Mind Map/Concept Map/Thinking Maps along with connecting the 4’cs of critically thinking, collaborating, communicating and creativity.

Technology: Students can use sites/apps such as Popplet,, Mind.42 to create the maps.

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How has your school/district implemented TPACK or what are your thoughts? You know how I would love to learn more!

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