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Abbott and Castello Problem Solving Tasks

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” By Albert Einstein

I love using the below Abbott and Castello videos in the classroom because they are a great way to link problem solving and digital literacy plus give them a little history! (Like how I rhymed there ;-))  Here is how I have utilized them as tasks for the students.

Who’s on First: I do a ‘close read’ style  lesson for this task. First, I have them listen to it once without the diagram, the second time they get a blank baseball diamond to fill out as best they can. The third time they listen to it as many times as they want until they feel like they have it. (This allows them to close read with digital literacy) Once they have it completed they partner up and discuss. I then have a solution station for them to check out how well they did. I also recently came across the book Who’s on First (Thank you Danielle) which I would add to the solution station.

Abbott & Costello 7 x 13 = 28: For this video I have the students help out Abbott & Costello by creating a video skit explaining why 7 x 13 is not 28 three different ways. I give them a story map to guide the students to make sure they have the content before they record the video.

Abbott & Costello Two Tens for a Five: For this video task I have the students help out Abbott & Costello by either writing a letter or creating a book explaining what is happening.

If you have any Abbott & Costello videos you have utilized in the classroom as a task for students, I would love to add it to my list! Please share in the comments.



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