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RTI and Math

“If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns” – Rita Dunn

Over the past few weeks I have been working on making our Response to Intervention (RTI- except in NC – RTI refers to Responsiveness to Instruction) process smoother for Math. In reading, there are many researched based baselines, progress monitoring tools and interventions we use often in classroom such as Fountas and Pinnell but there is not as much for Math.

Our biggest obstacle was getting teachers to breakdown where the student was going wrong in their math. Many times they would say problem solving. Before we can say it is problem solving we need to make sure it is not other target skills that are hindering the child such as computation. Many times when we went back and analyzed the students work, there was a different target skill the student really needed such as number sense or reading comprehension.

I decided we needed a graphic organizer to help us with the RTI process in Math. I took the idea from Jennifer Jones Blog, Hello Literacy, RTI “If, Then Menu” she did for reading.

Here is our “If, Then Menu” for math. If_Then_Intevention_menu_JV_WASHAM_Math

Below are books and websites we have used for baselines, progress monitoring and interventions that are all research based.



 Math in Plain English (Literacy Strategies for the Mathematics Classroom) Amy Benjamin

My Kids Can-Making Math Accessible to All Learners

Number Sense Routines by Jessica Shumway

Kathy Richardson Books

I would love to know any resources you have found helpful for RTI and Math to help make our resource guide even better.

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