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10 Reasons You Should Blog with Your Students

“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.” Unknown


Blogging is a powerful tool that meets many Common Core Standards for grades K-12. It also provides students with higher order thinking skills across all subjects. You can blog in math by having the students reflect on their topic such as fractions and how it connects to the real world. In Social Studies, you could have students give their opinion on a topic such as a new law or you can have students synthesize a science experiment. Here are my top ten reasons why students should blog no matter what age or subject area.

It teaches the students to…

1. be authentic writers

2. how to communicate with digital tool

3. be effective digital citizens

4. that they have a voice

5. how to comment through comprehending as well as critiquing

6. to understand other perspectives and cultures

7. to build strong content knowledge

8. to reflect on their work and ideas

9. to draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support their ideas

10. to produce and publish writing

Creating expectations and a rubric of how you want your students to blog is helpful when you are first starting. It’s important to set a purpose for each blog post and emphasize the content! Remember you can add mutlimedia such as hyper links, videos etc. to blog posts as well. Having kids that are in Kindergarten blog through using pictures is a great way to start teaching them about digital footprints.

Here is a great link that has some tips in helping you get started with blogging in your classroom.

Please share the ways you have used blogging in your classroom.

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