“The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

Mindfulness is the practice of paying careful attention to your thoughts, feelings, and environment and more and more schools are adding these practices into their classroom to help students. This past week I saw a few mindfulness strategies that helped students make better choices. The students were able to use these strategies to self-regulate their behavior whether it be from fear or anger. Below are a few ways you can start to add mindfulness practices into your classroom.

  1. Stress Relievers: Have an area in your classroom with stress relievers so that students can acknowledge when they are stressed, upset etc and make a positive choice. In this area you can have things like a Kinetic Sandbox, stress balls or fidget cubes.
  2. Morning Meetings: During this time you can incorporate strategies for students to learn such as positive affirmations or writing in a gratitude journal.
  3. Read Alouds: Choose books that center around mindfulness so that the characters are teaching the lesson. Some great read alouds that have a mindfulness themes are:
    1. The Snowman by Raymond Brigg
    2. I Can Handle It by Laurie Wright

    3. Be Kind  Pat Zietlow Miller

*Bonus: Adding in Random Acts of Kindness (see previous blog post) is another great way to add in mindfulness.

Here are more Mindfulness resources if you want to dive deeper:

How Mindfulness and Storytelling Can Help Students

Rethinking Professional Development: Using Mindfulness to Explore the Emotional Labor of Teaching

Mindfulness in the Classroom


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