“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” By Isaac Asimov


Quick writes are an instructional strategy that are brief, timed writing opportunities that require only 5-10 minutes to integrate writing into any content area.  Quick writes are great way to start or end a class as it will become part of the students routine and daily practice.

Here are five ways you can have your students quick write:

  1. Reflection: Have the students reflect upon ___________ (fill in the blank with lesson, concept or the students goals)
  2. Assessing student knowledge: If you want to see if students grasped a concept, have them write about what they know.  Then you can use that data to see who needs a reteach, more practice or have mastered the concept.
  3. Critical Thinking:  Have students take an alternate point of view on a topic or character.
  4. Creative: Have students write about an image and tell a story
  5. Personal Connection: Students write about a connection they have to a topic that is personal to them.

*Tip: Have the students do there quick writes in a Google Doc so you can provide them feedback virtually. You don’t need to give feedback everyday, I used to do once a week. I would have a schedule and do a few a day so that it became a habit for me.

Quick Write Writing Resources:

Emoji Prompts: Start with an emoji image and continue to click ‘and then’ to reveal a new emoji. Use these images to write a story.

Story Starters: This site generates story starters that can be used to start writing but if you do not like the story starter sentence generated for you, you can click on the button to get another one!

365 Creative Writing Prompt Ideas: Pick on a day for a year!






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