“Educators should be champions of every student who enters the schoolhouse doors.” by Carol Ann Tomlinson

Guest Blog Post by Ace Parsi

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) is proud to announce the launch of a collection of cutting-edge resources and recommendations available in one central location: Personalized Learning and Students with Disabilities. The resource hub contains information, case studies, and recommendations – all with an eye on the needs and success of students with disabilities – tailored for parents, educators, school communities and policymakers, wherever and however they may be approaching personalized learning.  Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this addition to NCLD.org is the culmination of a three-year exploration of how students with disabilities can benefit from efforts to customize their learning to align with their strengths and interests.

 This new section of NCLD.org features 13 new publications, including resources and policy recommendations for states to successfully design and implement approaches to personalized learning that fully include students with disabilities, nine practical examples of schools and districts utilizing personalized learning frameworks, and a national report exploring how these efforts can best support students with disabilities.

 In addition to working with you all, to produce these resources, NCLD worked closely with advocates, parents, educators, experts and policymakers at both the state and federal levels. NCLD worked specifically in New Hampshire, Colorado and North Carolina–three states that not only reflect geographic, demographic and political diversity, but which are also at different stages of implementing personalized learning.

 The resource hub also includes definitions and key components of personalized learning systems, key questions to ask in development and implementation, and policy and practice recommendations. The resources are customized for parentseducators, administrators and policymakers so they can use personalized learning as a way to create engaging learning environments that allow all students–including those with disabilities–to thrive. These resources build on NCLD’s recent national report, the State of Learning Disabilities, which provides state-specific resources and policy recommendations for supporting students with learning and attention issues.

NCLD believes the future of education is one where all children receive a customized learning experience. Increasing opportunities for schools to adopt a personalized learning approach will allow all students to thrive. We look forward to continuing this important work and ongoing partnership across the field to ensure innovative approaches to learning fully include students with disabilities. 

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