“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” – Albert Einstein

I am very excited to share my new favorite gadget/toy with you! I first learned about Rocketbook on Shark Tank where it was rejected! I was shocked as I thought it was so innovative. On Shark Tank they introduced Rocketbook The Wave, a reusable notebook that you can erase by putting it in the microwave after scanning the pages and saving them into the cloud. The notebook provides a pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age; how cool is that! So I have been watching the company as they tested out more ideas and products and moved them from beta to market even though my husband thought I was crazy!

I did not get The Wave because you can only reuse it so many times and I wanted to use this notebook all the time! I purchased the Rocketbook Everlast Notebook on Amazon, as it is endlessly reusable! The Everlast feels like a traditional notebook and connects to all of my favorite cloud services such as Google Drive and Evernote. When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line (which also work on regular paper too), your writing sticks to Everlast pages. When you are ready to send your notes to the cloud notebook of your choice, click on one of the symbols at the bottom of the page that you have created a destination for via the Rocketbook App, then all you have to do is scan and it will send your notes to the right place. After you fill up your pages, take a wet paper towel and wipe it away as the notebook erases like magic!


I wasn’t sure if I would be able to connect to all my different Google Drives as I have multiple accounts for school, work and business but you can using the different symbols. The only thing I would suggest for this as a way to make it even better is I wish it had lines verse the dot grid but I am assuming that is how the magic happens so I am okay with it.

I have been using my notebook for a few days and it has been awesome. No more scrap paper needed for my many to-do lists, no more filling up regular notebooks and putting them some where in case I need to go back to those notes and no more wasting paper as everything I need to access is in the cloud!  Read more about Rocketbook and how educators are using them:

How Rocketbook’s EdTech Solutions Help Students and Teachers Connect

Math Teacher Uses Rocketbook Wave to Bring a New Magic to Learning with the Traditional Pen and Paper

The Everlast Notebook is filled with smart, scannable pages that are also reusable


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