“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun” By Mary Lou Cook

Below are sites I like using in the classroom that you won’t find on a typical education best apps/website, article or blog post; as these sites are hidden gems!

White Noise:  I like to have different areas in my classroom such as a collaboration zone and a quiet zone. (See previous blog post on Classroom Zones if you want to learn more) Background white noise drowns out the excess classroom noise around allowing them to better concentrate. There are apps you can buy such as iOS White Noise but I like using the free You Tube white noise channel, a soft murmur or Noisli.

Icons and Photos: Noun project has millions of curated icons, created by a global community that are free! This is great for not only teachers but students too when they are creating projects that need images. The site helps teach digital citizenship skills as the images, when downloaded cite the creator of the image! See below for an example. Another site Photos for Class also does the same thing for images.


Content Resources: I recently stumbled upon DKFindout, a secure site for students to find, explore, and learn about anything. I like providing this site to students for PBL’s and/or Genius Hour as it gives students a place to start exploring different ideas/topics. You do not need to create an account to use it!

Creation: Beatbox academy is lets you create beats using the drum icons they display on their homepage. While you unfortunately can’t record, save, or export any of the rhythms you create on their site; my work around is I have students create their beat and record it using the voice memo on an iPhone or iPad. This is of course after their create the rap/song lyrics about the content they are showing mastery of. Then in iMovie audio they record the lyrics over the beat. Creatubbles is a safe global community for creators of all ages. Students can share any type of art, music, video or craft with the world!

I would love to hear what hidden gem websites you have found that work for the classroom!



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