Action Based Learning

“Student engagement is the product of motivation and active learning. It is a product rather than a sum because it will not occur if either element is missing.” By Elizabeth F. Barkley

Action Based Learning (ABL) is a pedagogy of brain-based learning theory which focuses on the structure and workings of the brain in regards to learning. Check out all the reasons why kinesthetic classrooms are important in the below graphic created by the amazing Kim Cooke.

kinesthetic Classrooms .png

ABL is not just a “Physical Education”thing but something you can add into all classrooms and in all grade levels. Here are three quick ways you can start adding kinesthetics into your classroom today:

  1. Transitions: During transitions, for example from math to reading, have students do something active for one minute such as jump on one foot. Here are some more brain break ideas here!
  2. Furniture: Add some different seating options such as yoga balls, wobble stools or allowing them to stand and work.
  3. Hands-On: Allowing students to show what they know with hands-on activities such as role playing, plays/skits,  building models or experiments.

Want to learn more about ABL? Action Based Learning & Kinesthetic Classroom Training is coming to Charlotte, NC on Nov 4th and 5th. Click here for more information!

More Information on ABL:

Article: Building Better. Brains through Movement and Moving and Shaking in the Classroom

Pinterest Board: Action Based Learning Lab Ideas

Books: Energizing Brain Breaks and The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning Through Movement

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