“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” By Mattie Stepanek


A few weeks ago I was inspired when talking to some educators from across the country about Personalized Learning (PL). When we were talking it became apparent that we needed a place to collaborate our ideas around the topic of Personalized Learning. With a place to collaborate we could better learn from each other while also sharing what we know about PL to help other educators implement PL.

PL looks different in every school and in every classroom but the foundation is about letting students own and drive their learning. PL is not another thing but a philosophy. I decided to create a Personalized Learning Collaboration Facebook Group to give educators, from all over the world, a place to share their resources, questions and ideas as they improve their teaching craft around PL. This group is open to anyone and we would love for you to join and share with anyone that you think will benefit from this group. We already have 245 educators from all over the world that are a blend of teachers, administrators, central office staff to Professors at the University level.

 PL Community Group Guidelines: If we see violation of these community guidelines we’ll remove the content and possibly the person posting.

  • All members are encouraged to share content that connects to Personalized Learning. The group is intended as a PLN for educators.
  • We ask that you respect others in the community. Please refrain from any personal attacks, bad language, and to be cautious of sharing too much personal details (ex: no student names if you are sharing student work etc). Anything we deem disrespectful will be removed and any internet trolls will be permanently removed from the group.
  • No spam or scams are allowed and please refrain from posting content unrelated to the group. If you share a link, we ask that it be helpful to the group. Anything we deem spam or a scam will be removed.

I look forward to collaborating with you all as we start another school year.



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