“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

We are hearing more and more about ‘Kid-Entrepreneurs’ from different sources such as the news to shark tank. Often teachers ask me, ‘how do you let the students know about these students?’ Below I give you three ways you can add it into your classroom, share my favorite 12 Kid-Entrepreneurs and a few sites that also can help you.

  1. Create a Kid-Entrepreneurs bulletin board in your classroom. On this board have the Kid-Entrepreneurs pictures and some information about what they invented. (Make it interactive and let the students add to it – you will be surprised how any go home and research it!)
  2. Use articles that are about Kid-Entrepreneurs in your classroom. For example have them do a close read.
  3. Add it into your morning meetings/class advisory time; once a week you can highlight a Kid-Entrepreneur.

Kid-Entrepreneurs to utilize in the Classroom:

  1. Adora Svitak, age 18  (started at 12)  Writer, speaker, advocate (if you haven’t watched her Ted Talks you are missing out, my favorite is ‘What adults can learn from kids’)
  2. Jake Andraka, age 17 (started at 15) – Jack Andraka
  3. Mikaila Ulmer, age 11 – Me and the Bees
  4. Alina Morse, age 10 – Zollipops
  5. Isabella Rose Taylor, age 15 – Isabella Rose Taylor Fashion
  6. Kid President, age 14, (started at 10) Kid President
  7. Rachel Zietz, age 15 – Gladiator Lacrosse
  8. Madison Robinson, ag2 18 (started at 12) – Fish Flops
  9. Mercer Henderson, age 13 – Audiots
  10. Thomas Suarez, age 17 (started at 12) CarrotCorp (His Ted Talk as an app developer)
  11. Hart Main, age 18 (started at 13) ManCans 
  12. E2D (a local Kid-Entrepreneurs from Charlotte)

Meet 15 Superkids Who Are Going to Change the World

9 Amazing (Very) Young Entrepreneurs 

Other Kid-Entrepreneurs Resources:

Kidpresneurs Site

Project Based Entrepreneurship (Biz World)

Biz Kids Site

The Start-Up Kids

Google Science Contest

Kids News (Entrepreneurs) 

Lesson Plans for Classroom Activities on Entrepreneurship 

Ted Talk  Related to Kid-Entrepreneurs 


You might even have some Kid-Entrepreneurs in your classroom!

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