Creating with New* Web Tools

“One of the reasons people stop learning is that they become less and less willing to risk failure.” By John W. Gardner

Below are new* FREE web tools I have come across that I think are wonderful additions to any classrooms because it allows students to be creators.  As always please check the terms of use for each site before utilizing in your classroom.  (*Newer to me)

Sound Trap is a tool that empowers students to create music and podcasts collaboratively or individually. Teachers can create group assignments and conference with students via video.

The Foos is a kids coding app that starts off with challenging puzzles and moves them to coding their own video games. The site has curriculum and resources for teachers to utilize as well.

The Learnia is an online whiteboard (think showme/educcreations) but for any browser. Create your own videos for a blended learning classroom environment or allow students too show what they know by creating their own.

Motivator is a tool where students can create their own motivation posters. Get creative with what students can do with this site to use their higher order thinking skills (H.O.T.S). For example – have them create a motivational poster as a character from a book.

Parapara Animation is an animation creation tool developed and hosted by Mozilla. It is simple to use and it does not require registration in order to use it.

If there is a new web tool that is free and that you love to use in your classroom that allows students to be creator, please share in the comments.



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