“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” by Marcus Aurelius

Periscope is a FREE and easy to use app that lets you explore the world by watching and creating live broadcasts anytime and anywhere. Viewers can also interact with you through messaging or ‘liking’ with hearts. The videos as of now, only last for 24 hours to review after the live broadcast. Below are ways you can use it in your classroom:

  1. Bring in real world and global relevance through virtually visiting with an expert. How great would it be to watch a live broadcast that you set up with an expert while they are in ‘action’. Example periscope with a scientist as they are working in the lab.
  2. Have students create ‘how to’ or show their thinking videos on any topic or subject in real-time. Example: Have a student explain how to multiple and divide fractions. This video can then be used to help others in the classroom if they get stuck on an activity or on homework.
  3. Have an open classroom (or PD session) by broadcasting what is going on in your classroom. This allows others to ‘see’ into your classroom. Example: Have other teachers watch best practices in action or a student that is absent can now be apart of the class while they are away.

When using any technology in the classroom make sure to think about CIPA, COPPA and FERPA laws. Be aware that you will want to have a classroom account (especially if your students are under 13) as you will want to make sure you set up the account so students have a safe environment. For example you might want to shut off comments as you don’t know what people will write or you might want the videos private verse public.

I would love to hear other ways you can use Periscope in the classroom, please share in the comments below.


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