“People are incapable of stereotyping you; you stereotype yourself because you’re the one who accepts roles that put you in this rut or in this stereotype.” Eva Mendes

Researchers say if we reduce stereotype threats, we will reduce achievement gaps in all areas. Stereotype threat refers to the risk of confirming negative stereotypes about an individual’s racial, ethnic, gender, or cultural group. (1) This is not a new term as Steele and Aronson in 1995 rekindle the discussion that original started in 1965 and recently has come back into the forefront. Always campaign #LikeAGirl (see video below) has started a new movement around stereotype threat.

I believe we can reduce the stereotype threat by being aware of it. Below are more resources that can help you in the classroom decline the stereotype threat.

Stereotype Threat: Definition, Examples & Theories 

How to Expel Hurtful Stereotypes from Classrooms across the Country

Stereotype Threat and education.com 

Reducing StereoType Threat 

Resources/Sites for Girls and STEM that I have collected

Please share any resources you have around stereotype threat in the comments.

(1.) “Stereotype Threat – The Glossary of Education Reform.” 2013. 15 Aug. 2015 <http://edglossary.org/stereotype-threat/>

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