My #ISTE2015 Round Up

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” By Leonardo da Vinci

It is hard to believe that a week ago was the first day of #ISTE2015! There was over 18,000 educators from all over the world at the conference in Philadelphia, PA. There was great sessions, keynotes and my favorite networking with my PLN! Below are my top three ‘items’ from ISTE that I rounded up from my notes:

Google Cardboard Expedition

1. Google Reveals: #GoogleEdu
  • Google will allow developers to embed a “share” button that allows teachers and students to share resources to Google Classroom. More than 20 educational content and tool providers have already committed to integrating the Classroom share button.
  • Google is rolling out an API that lets developers integrate their tools with Classroom.
  • Google Expeditions (using Google Cardboard) allows you to take a virtual tour through museums.
  • Google Classroom mobile notifications: In the next few weeks, Google will be adding mobile notifications in their iOS and Android app. Students can immediately see when they’ve got a new assignment or grade, a note from their teacher or a comment from a fellow student.
2. Resources for STEM schools and Makerspaces:
  • MakerBot launched an education site. You also can have a free download of ‘Makerbot in the Classroom’ which includes an introduction to 3d printing and design along with lesson ideas etc. and @makerbotedu
  • IgnitEDLearning features teacher designed projects around making and circuits.
  • The Autodesk Design Academy features collection of materials that help educators teach creativity and design.

3. These are app/sites I am going to be looking more into:

  • Periscope – I have used this to watch video but have not created one myself for others to view.
  • 81 Dash – A new way to back channel that also integrates with Google Classroom.
  • Twine – is an interactive story telling site. (You can also challenge your students by adding coding to it as well)

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