“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” By Benjamin Franklin


With summer starting for some educators and for others it is right around the corner. I wanted to take a minute and offer five ways to improve your practice over the summer.

1. Take Time for YOU: Take this time to do things you love as it will help you get refreshed and ready for the new school year. When I take time for me, I find it happens to be when my best ideas formulate without even realizing it.

2. Read: It doesn’t have to be books but it can be blogs, articles, magazines and it also doesn’t have to be an education item. When I read outside of education, I get just as many ideas of things I can try to implement. It helps me think outside the box and be creative.

3. Participate in Professional Learning/Development: Take at least one class or course this summer that can help you improve your practice. Instead of your traditional face to face class try an edcamp or a virtual course such as a MOOC or book study.

4. Build your PLN: Connect with other educators and build your PLN through Twitter, G+, Instagram and Voxer. I am not saying you have to do this every day but take a few days out of the summer and connect with others to see what they are doing in the classroom and also share out what you are doing or plan on doing.

5. Reflect: Take time to reflect on your teaching practice. Think about what worked in your classroom last year and what didn’t. Before diving into what you plan on doing the first few weeks back to school, think about the year as a whole, what do you want to accomplish? What do you want for your students? What is something new you are going to try?

I would love to hear how you plan on improving your practice over the summer, share with me in the comments.

Comments on: "5 Ways to Improve Your Practice This Summer" (1)

  1. Great advice Jill! The only thing I may add would be to also write down goals or short summaries of one’s reflections. I find I need to do that to remind me what I need to do next to make progress towards my goals.

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