“I’m constantly going through the motions down a path that has chosen for me by others. When is it going to be my turn?” by 7th grade student

Many of you know I read a lot of education books as I am always improving my craft, practice and ideas. I highly suggest adding Learning Personalized: The Evolution of the Contemporary Classroom by Allison Zmuda, Greg Curtis and Diane Ullman to your book lists. This book, unlike other Personalized Learning books I have read, concentrates on the pedagogical shift to student centered learning. It addresses how technology is only a vehicle in the process but the change really occurs when the teacher makes the shift in the role from lecturer to coach. The book offers practical advice, suggestions and resources including examples as models.

LP_Book Image

From the Author: Allison Zmuda

How do we create assignments and classroom cultures that treat students as active partners in their own learning? Learning Personalized: The evolution of a contemporary classroom describes a vision of how to deeply engage students through the development of rich and complex ideas, problems, and inquiry; design and revise a plan, and communicate to the target audience.

Our vision is that personalized learning is a better way to accomplish disciplinary and cross-disciplinary outcomes and grow people. The heart of the book is the Personalized Learning continuum (you can find it by clicking here). We propose that every educator or staff can identify where existing policies, practices, and assignments lie and how one can envision what ideas might engage and deepen student thinking and development.

The book is organized around the twelve elements with clear explanations and related examples from around the world. We are grateful for the wonderful collaborators and contributors to the book, but we always are inspired by examples and ideas. Please visit learningpersonalized.com to share your inspiration and learn from the good work of others.

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