“It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.” by Julius Caesar

3D printers are becoming more popular in classrooms and schools because of makerspaces and the need for creativity! Blokify is a 3D modeling App software that enables kids to create toys/items they can play with virtually or physically via 3D printing.*

I downloaded Blokify and was hooked! There are two modes: challenges and free play. I started thinking about how much fun this was even though I couldn’t print it and realized I could still share via email (great for classrooms that don’t have 3D printers yet). So I started thinking of ways to use it in the classroom even if you didn’t have a 3rd printer:

1. Students could create a scene from the book they are reading or for the stories they create.

2. Complete the challenge modes: It promotes problem solving and critical thinking skills. Can’t figure out when students would have ‘time’ to do this, have it be apart of your may do’s or when they finish something early.

3. Create challenges (they would do in free play) such as make an array for 4×5 or create a building with the area of 36 and perimeter of 42.

4. You can App Smash it with many other apps: Check out this student explaining his work on Blokify and Explain Everything.

More Articles about Blokify:

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Blokify app is where Minecraft meets 3D printing

 I would love to hear how you have used Blokify in your classroom.

*”blokify.” 2013. 25 Nov. 2014 <http://blokify.com/>


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  2. […] Ways to Use Blokify – Without a 3D Printer in the Classroom […]

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