“Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.” By Harper Lee

One great thing about WordPress is that it tracks statistic of how many blog post I have done and which are the most popular etc. Below are the top five posts according to stats based on likes, comments and clicks from 2014, along with the best post of all time from all my blogging years! I hope you enjoy if you have missed a post or learn something new from rereading one!

#5. 20 Digital Citizenship Resources

#4. Technology Integration and Blended Learning – There is a Difference

#3. Mini #edcamps for School Level PD

#2. The Shift of the Role of the Teacher

#1. 10 Ways to Build Teacher Leaders

Drum roll….best post of all my blogging years goes to April 2012!

Ways to use QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom and Using Google Docs to Create Them

2014  was a great year, looking forward to what 2015 brings. Happy New Year Everyone!

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