#NCTIES14 Recap

“Live your life in beta! Be your best today and be better tomorrow.” by Adam Bellow

This week I attended the North Carolina Technology in Education Society (NCTIES) and like all conference I learned a wealth of information. If you are on twitter, you can also follow #ncties14 for all the tweets/resources shared. My favorite moment was meeting my PLN- #nced chat members (Tuesday @ 8:00 pm)  that attended the conference.  My second favorite moment was Adam Bellows closing keynote. I didn’t take any notes because I was so engaged. Below I decided to share my top 10 resources I learned but not in order as they are all awesome.

#NCED chat

1. Building Entrepreneurs by Kevin Honeycutt. Kevin shared a lot of great ways to build entrepreneurs such as researching entrepreneurs by study their biographies trying to crack their code to success. Make sure you check out his presentation by clicking here.

2. Minecraft Resources by Lucas Gillispie including assignment ideas.

3. Google Stuff: 1. Google Newspapers: Google has newspapers from everywhere and from all time periods. Great for non-fiction! 2. Google a Day Challenge question each day, good for morning work or when you have a few minutes after a lesson 3. Google Story Builder  create stories with others.

4. Edtalks: Collaborate, Innovate and Educate by Kevin Honeycutt

5. Maker Space Thinglink with great resources and ideas.

6. Intel Education Resources has a teaching program with tools for student centered learning.

7.  Organizing you Digital Life: The Personality Test

8. White House student Film Festival. Look what kids are making on their own and how creative!

9. Math Class Needs a Makeover 

10. Technology in Education: A Future Classroom


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