“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” By Abraham Lincoln


Each year I make New Year’s Resolutions, but I also think it is just as important to reflect on your past resolutions in order to create your new ones. Today I reflected on 2013 resolutions and create new ones for 2014.

2013’s with reflections:

1. Learn, master and provide PD on implementing challenge based learning in the classroom.  I give myself a B-, I learned a lot about Challenged Based Learning but have not provided PD on it.

2. Take more risks, learn from my mistakes and failures and not sweat the small stuff. I give myself an A+. I started my own business, Edulum LLC, in March 2013 which has been fun but a lot of hard work with some mistakes and failures. I took on a new role as project manager, which I have never done before and have learned a LOT from my mistakes.

3. Continue to learn through reading, researching, blogging, connecting and most importantly listening to others.  I give myself an B+ on this…there is always room for improvement when learning. I did learn to code enough to create websites, I took a few MOOC’s and read a lot of books and Twitter Chats. I did not connect with as many educators as I wanted to be guest bloggers on my website, I will continue to work on that.

My resolutions for 2014 is….

1. … to focus on helping teachers make an intentional shift to personalized learning. It is a challenging fundamental change to learning and teaching and I want to make it easier for educators. Helping them realize technology is an important enabler but the devices we use are just one tool for delivering this instruction.

2. …help schools become more innovative. For example, helping more schools create makerspaces and coding clubs.

3. …continue to learn and challenge myself. Half of the things I accomplished in 2013 were not part  of my goals/resolution, but because I wanted to challenge myself and continue to learn.

Here are a few other educators new years resolution that I also enjoyed:

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Happy New Year Everyone!


Comments on: "My 2014 Edu New Year’s Resolutions" (2)

  1. shannonjoe said:

    You sure did accomplish a lot this past year!

    My resolutions are:
    Run: 500 miles
    Read: 200 books
    Teach: The jury is still out on this one. I WANT to get more organized. I want to use edcanvas to set up some learning things. I want students to become independent learners who can track their own learning, monitor their own progress. Not real sure exactly how to go about doing this though. Ideas are welcome! 🙂

    Here’s to 2014!


  2. […] 49. Focus on helping teachers make an intentional shift to personalized learning. – Jill Thompson […]

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