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Apple TV and ipad

Apple TV’s are making it into more and more classrooms around the world. Our district is in the starting phase of brining Apple Tv’s into the classroom. Below are ways you can use Apple TV, steps for how to mirror and other articles/resources.

8  Ways to Use Apple TV in the Classroom

1. Simple be untethered – freedom to move around.

2. Demonstrate apps or sites

3. Display pictures of student/teacher work

4. If you have more iPads in the room, students can share their screen on the Apple TV

5. Students/Teacher can present/share from anywhere in the room.

6. Annotate documents live with your students

7. Using iBooks and highlighting sections/words for discussion

8. Display Apps so all students can see on a big screen (Ex. ShowMe, Virtual Field Trip Apps etc)

Example: The picture above is of a Kindergarten class and I.  We are looking at an App called Insect Lore-Live Butterfly Garden. This app allows you to watch butterfly’s grow through metamorphosis. The students watched and wrote in their science notebooks what they were observing. You start by naming your butterfly and an egg appears then hatches. The students see the transition from baby to more mature caterpillar. You ‘feed’ the caterpillar and see it change into a chrysalis, and finally emerge as Painted Lady butterfly. This process takes about 5 minutes.  (NC Essential Standard K.P.2) This app is also great for 2nd grade 2.L1 – Understanding animal life cycles.

 Mirroring your iPad’s screen to the Apple TV

1. Turn on the TV/Projector connected to the Apple TV

2. Ensure each device is on the same network

3. Double tap the home button on the iPad

4. Swipe to the right and you will see a button that has a square with a triangle

5. Tap the button. This displays the available devices for use with AirPlay

6. Tap on your Apple TV’s name and then slide Mirroring to ‘On’

7. Your iPad should screen should be now displaying on the TV/Projector connected to the Apple TV

Here are other Articles/Resources about Apple TV’s in Education: 

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I would love to know how you use Apple TV’s in the classroom. Please share in the comment section.


Comments on: "Bringing Apple TV into the Classroom" (5)

  1. I love having Apple TV in the classroom. I just got mine working a few days ago. My social Studies classes are creating prezis on early explorers. They will present them from the iPads using Apple TV.

  2. I love Apple TV too! Totally changes the tech work flow of the classroom, relieving a lot of stress and wasted time trying to hook up the right cables, etc. This was my post I wrote about how I use it. http://gettingsmart.com/2012/09/got-ipads-now-get-apple-tv/

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