“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” by Henry Miller


I often get asked what do I prefer to ‘use’ for Virtual Field Trips. Below are my top five favorite virtual field trip websites and  five apps. The advantage of virtual field trips are they are free, a way to integrate technology into the curriculum and less time-consuming than a real field trip. A misconception is that virtual field trips have to take a long time but they don’t have too. I love doing virtual field trips to get students excited about a book or  to end a unit. Virtual field trips are also an excellent way for your classroom to become globally aware.

Top 5 websites for Virtual Field trips:

1. Le Louvre – Visit lots of museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries

2. Panoramas of the world – 7 wonders

3.  NASA

4. Global Trek

5. Ellis Island

Top 5 Apps for Virtual Field trips:

1. Sphere (TourWrist) 360 Degree Panorama Photography

2. Barefoot Atlas (Free right now, usually $4.99)

3. Google Earth and Google Maps

4. World Explorer 

5. ArounderTouch

Other great virtual field-trip resources: 

Livebinder on Virtual Field Trips

Simple K12: Virtual Field Trips

Pinterest Board on Virtual Field Trips

How to Plan a Virtual Field trip

Virtual Field Trip to the Moon blog post

I would love to know if you have a favorite Virtual Field Trip App, site. or activity. Please share it in the comments section so we can learn from each other.

Comments on: "Exploring the World through Virtual Field Trips" (6)

  1. Megan M. said:

    Scholastic.com does a great one of Plimouth Colony in MA. We’ve seen in for the past three years… Tons of interactives on the site makes for a great mini Thanksgiving unit!

  2. What about virtual field trips via videoconferencing? have you checked out http://www.cilc.org?
    Over 230 providers offer over 1800 programs covering just about every discipline/topic you can imagine!!!

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  4. Lots of great virtual field trips I’ve discovered and compiled: http://mitechlab.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/virtual+field+trip

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  6. I am a high school science teacher and have adapted several primary source, maritime books for Google Earth touring. Feel free to share the material at: http://Sailthebook.net

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