“Communication, collaboration, and creativity are the skills that will help people be globally competitive in the 21st Century. For the first time in history, we are preparing students for a future we can not clearly describe.” by David Warlick

 It is hard to believe a year ago I started blogging. The reason I had started was because I knew if I was preaching 21st century learning to my students, that I needed to be practicing what I was preaching. While reflecting on my year of blogging, I realized how much it has helped become a better educator.

When I first started my blog, I was told to have a vision; my vision was, “to collaborate with educators to make a difference in education through improving methods and reflecting. I want to seek new perspectives, take risks and continue to pursue my passions of curriculum and instruction, technology and 21st century learning.”

This past year I have met my vision! I have succeeded, failed and learned throughout-out the process. Blogging was a great challenge, that I am glad I made last year. But of course, this got me thinking, how am I going to challenge myself this school year! After thinking about it, I realized I needed to start a twitter chat about my vision. I needed to take these ideas to the the next level. I talked with a virtual friend, @dprindle, and we discussed ideas and he agreed to co-create this chat with me.

So that’s right folks, we are starting our own twitter chat. The chat will discuss 21st century teaching and learning in all grade levels and in all subject areas. Our hashtag is #21stedchat, it will be on Sundays @ 8pm, starting next Sunday, Aug 5th! We have started a site that is still under construction, http://21stedchat.wordpress.com.  Please join us as we look forward to learning and growing as better educators with all of you.

Comments on: "My New Challenge – Twitter Chat #21stedchat" (2)

  1. Good luck! Great rewards take great risks!!!

  2. Well first time out it was trending and got spammers, sure sign of success. Thanks for leading the charge.

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