“iPad apps are expanding the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. From interactive lessons to study aids to productivity tools, there’s an app for every learner.” By Apple

There are tons of educational apps that help add a new dimension to the classroom but there are also many apps that are not ‘deemed’ educational that are also wonderful to use in the classroom. Below I share with you 5 ‘non’ educational apps that work well in the classroom.

1. Angry Birds– There is no denying that kids love this app. Figuring out the science behind the app makes it even more fun. In the Essential Science Standards, force and motion is threaded throughout grades K-5. There’s many science topics to discuss such as  force, gravity, calculating speed and Newton’s Laws! You also have math with estimating the angles! I know I am not the first to figure out the connection of math and science and this app but I think that it is still a worthy mention.

2. Bowling 3D– Bowling? How could that be educational? It is just another fun way to connect the real world and math, after all  the bowling score sheet is just a ten frame broken up to part/part/whole. The Math Common Core has K adding and subtracting within 10.  The student ‘bowls’ sees how many pins they knock down and then they have to find the other ‘part’ to make 10. Ex. I bowl and knock down 6 pins. My answer on my sheet will be 4 = 10.

3. Five -O: This math game is similar to crossword style games. The goal is to score a sequence sum of numbers that is a multiple of five. This helps students build a strong number sense and makes them look at math in a different way. It also promptes critical thinking skills as well.

4. Zite– Zite is a personalized magazine and great to use for current event discussions, informational and argumentative writing topic ideas. Having the student read the article and write about it brings in authentic writing, 21st century skills and the standards of the Reading Common Core.

5. Songify– Songify allows you to record a message and then turn it into a ‘hip hop’ style song. This can be used so many different ways in the classroom while adding some fun. Have students create ‘songs’ using the vocabulary or content you are currently studying. You can also have the students record their poems or writing pieces this way. Give your directions a new twist by creating a song. Another ‘sister’ app Talkaella can also be used in a similar way.

There are lots of other apps that are ‘non’ educational apps that work well in the classroom….which ones have you tried using? I would love to hear about it. Post your ideas in the comment section.


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