“There can be an infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.” Nancy Kasebaum, US Senator

Using Evernote in the elementary classroom makes a teachers life easier! Besides the obvious reason why a teacher would like it….because it’s free; here are three more reasons why you should be using Evernote in your classroom.

1. e-portfolios –

I use Evernote to create e-portfolios not only for each one of my students but for myself. With bring your own technology coming to my school district, Evernote is the perfect answer. Evernote can be used on all devices from iPads to computers.

I can create a notebook for each student and keep all their work in one place if I teach kindergarten or fifth grade. This is also helpful during conferences (student or teacher lead) because the students work is easily assessable. If your district has student friendly email address such as Gaggle, then the students can create their own accounts and create their own e-portfolios. If you have a student that can’t or hates to write/take notes, with Evernote they can use the audio bottom to record their notes and save to their account.

As a teacher I can also create my own e-portfolio for my professional. I can save all my artifacts in one place from student work samples, audio of a student conference, pictures or lesson plans to be able to show as evidence for my evaluations, interviews etc.

2. notebooks-

You can create and manage all parts of teaching using notebooks. For example, I create a different notebook for all my school committees and projects. I have a notebook that keeps my common core information organized while I have a different notebook for lesson plans. The students can also keep different notebooks depending on topic or subject to also keep organized. Having all the notebooks in one account also helps students not lose their notebooks from school to home. They can’t “forget” to bring their notes home to study because Evernote syncs all accounts so the student can get on any computer and retrieve their notebooks. You can also add tags and search for information within your notebooks. With in a notebook you can create your own notes using text, photos and/or audio notes.

3. web clip/bookmarking-

The web clipper feature is amazing since we save a lot of different things from web sites. The web clipper is a button that you can add to your bookmarks. With the clipper, you can select what parts of the site you want to save to Evernote or you can save the whole webpage. This is great because before I used bookmarking sites such as diigo but now I condense and save everything through my Evernote account. (One less account to worry about) You can place the clippings into any notebook you want it to go in.  This is helpful for students when they are researching. They can find a vast amount of sites, videos, pictures and save it while also saving the original url with the clip so they can reference the source.

One of the best features is how Twitter and Evernote have teamed up so I can bookmark a tweet into my Evernote. All I have to do is add @myen once I have established a linked account. To learn more about how to link your twitter and Evernote: http://blog.evernote.com/2009/04/14/evernote_twitter

Using Evernote in the classroom helps engage our 21st century students while also preparing them for their future. To get your Evernote account click here: http://www.evernote.com


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