“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes, my Principal is a follower of my blog and no this is not why I am writing this post. I truly feel more Principals need to be like mine. All great Principals have visions, goals and high expectations for their school but it takes more to be an excellent Principal. Here are three reasons why more Principals need to be like mine.

The first reason is all Principals care about test scores but my Principal understands that test scores are not the ‘be all, end all’. He let’s his staff take on challenges and risks by letting is try new things without having to worry about if it ends up not working. For example, last year, I had heard about the concept of ‘flipped classroom.’ I thought it was interesting and wanted to try it in my classroom. I ran it by my Principal and he not only told me to go for it but sent me articles about it that he found to help me. Through my data and reflection, I found how well it worked. He then started using the concept for our staff meeting so they were more productive. He sends us videos or articles to watch/read before the meeting so when we met we could work in our professional learning groups and be more productive. The best part is when things don’t work when we took risks was it was okay as we used that as a learning tool as well, with no repercussions.

The second reason is all good Principals try to set up their teachers for success and growth but my Principal goes the extra mile. He has implemented this time called ‘innovate time’ for his staff. This time is for teachers to request (by simply writing an email) asking to explore something they feel will benefit their classroom but need time to best implement it. During this time the teacher gets three different- 45 minutes sessions during the school day to explore something they want to try in their classroom. For example a teacher could request time to look at ways to best implement kid blogging. The first session the teacher might research and upload their students into the site they think is best for them to use. Then on the second session they might create a rubric and expectations they want to use when rolling out this idea to the classroom. Then after implementation the third session could be a reflection time and to make any changes they feel need to take place. As long as the teacher has a plan, he approves it. Who teaches the class during those 45 minute sessions…he does! He believes in our visions and values our time.

The third reason is plain and simple, he honestly loves what he does and it shows. This makes working for him easier and more enjoyable. He is always trying to better his practice by keeping up with current trends which in turn makes you as an educator want to be better. My Principal also distributes leadership roles as he believes in his staff while also promoting professional development.


Comments on: "Why We Need More Principals Like Mine" (3)

  1. Gallit Zvi said:

    I love this! It is like #geniushour (based on googles 80/20 philosophy) but for staff instead of just students! Fabulous 🙂
    I, like you, am also very fortunate to work with a wonderful admin team at my school! Do you work at a public school?


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